Cave Beach: Jervis Bay’s Pristine Surf and Camp Destination

Cave Beach in Jervis Bay Territory has a unique natural landscape. There is a cave located at the southern end of the beach. Adventurers, surfers, and nature lovers love this hidden beach. It has beautiful views, wildlife, and great waves for surfing.

Cave Beach, nestled in the stunning Booderee National Park, is celebrated for its superb surf waves and scenic sandy beaches, making it a prime destination for both surfers and campers. The beach is accessible via a small trail from the car park, emphasizing its secluded nature and untouched beauty​.

Exploring the Shores of Cave Beach

The shores of Cave Beach are characterized by their expansive sandy stretches and the inviting surf. Visitors are treated to a picturesque setting where the bush meets the beach, offering not only relaxing beach activities but also opportunities for amateur photography and nature observations​​.

Camping Facilities

Cave Beach offers unique camping experiences with facilities that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. The campsite provides essential amenities such as fresh water, toilets, cold-water showers, and both gas and wood barbecues. Campsites are clearly marked, with each plot accommodating a tent up to a specified size. All campers must book in advance to secure their spot, a regulation enforced to preserve the tranquility and pristine condition of the natural environment.

Wildlife Watching Opportunities

For wildlife enthusiasts, Cave Beach is a haven for spotting a variety of animals, including kangaroos at dawn and dusk and diverse bird species throughout the day. The area's rich biodiversity is a highlight for many visitors, offering memorable encounters with nature in an exceptionally serene setting​

Best Time to Experience Cave Beach

While Cave Beach is a year-round destination, the best time to visit is during the warmer months from November to March. In this time, the weather is perfect for going to the beach, and the water is nice for swimming and surfing.

To have a peaceful visit to Cave Beach, it is recommended to arrive early in the day. This way, you can secure a nice spot and enjoy the tranquility of the beach. Remember to check the tide times before exploring the cave to ensure safe access.

Cave Beach is in Booderee National Park. You can reach it by walking from the car park, which involves going down some stairs. Visitors should be prepared for this walk and wear suitable footwear. When going to the beach, follow safety advice, especially when surfing or exploring near caves.

Cave Beach offers a unique coastal experience with its stunning natural features, wildlife encounters, and excellent surf conditions. If you like caves, surfing, or nature, Cave Beach in Jervis Bay is a great place to visit. You will have a memorable experience and witness stunning scenery. You'll have a memorable time and see beautiful scenery.