The Holidays Collection provides the following key services to its owners:

  1. Marketing – of your individual property and its key features across all accommodation portals, saving you the headache of navigating the very complex digital marketing landscape and the task of managing multiple calendars
  2. Bookings – we handle all emails, questions, bookings, payments, reviews, etc for all your bookings.  We staff our bookings team 7 days per week as well and find that up to 30% of bookings in any given week can be done on Saturday and Sunday when most other agencies have their offices closed!
  3. Management of your property – including cleaners, gardeners, tradespeople, and guest arrival and departure issues.  For sake of clarity, we project manage these sub-contractors
  4. Reporting – we provide you with monthly and annual financial reporting
  5. 24×7 customer service – providing a local point of contact for owners and their guests during their stay. One of our staff always carries an after-hours emergency phone!
  6. One calendar / no double bookings – our system acts as the master inventory for all web sites, protecting against the nightmare of double bookings!  As an owner you can also log in and see all bookings, or make your own bookings for personal use
  7. We apply our expertise to your unique property and ensure you receive our best advice on how to make your property the perfect holiday rental. From creating the right first impression through our professional photography service, to what complimentary items to supply, we will assist in ensuring your property’s maximum appeal.

Our holiday rental management contract will set out in detail the exact services we will provide to your unique property.


The Holidays Collection promotes a property via the following marketing channels:

  1. – our own web site with a large and loyal following
  2. – automatic distribution with live availability and pricing
  3. and the wider VRBO network – automatic distribution of all of our properties with live availability and pricing.
  4. – automatic distribution of all of our properties with live availability and pricing.
  5. Google SEO – our websites have excellent SEO rankings for our key destinations
  6. Running of various specials including 4pm check out on Sundays and public holidays
  7. If you wish to have your own website, we can also link it to our reservation system so that the availability shown there is 100% accurate
  8. Property signage – our holiday rental signs outside of your property
  9. Word of mouth – last but not least, we have over 30,000 past guests who know us as a “go to point” for quality properties along the South Coast and in the Southern Highlands.  They do a lot of marketing for you and us!


Please contact us for our three tier fee schedule to best ascertain what would suit your needs. We offer three levels of service:

  • Bookings Only – with commission levels ranging from 13.2% – 15.0% incl GST, according to the number or properties you own or the exact location of your property
  • Standard Management – with commission levels ranging from 15.0% – 16.5% incl GST, according to the number or properties you own or the exact location of your property
  • Full Management – with a commission level of 20% incl GST

At a fundamental level, each option differs as follows:

  • Bookings only – you handle after hours, cleaner and all maintenance issues
  • Standard management – we do pretty much everything pertaining to guest and owner bookings, but do not have a positive obligation to check the property after every guest i.e. we can rely on the cleaners to do that.  There are also some creditor invoices that we do not pay
  • Full management – we do and pay everything pertaining to guest and owner bookings including a pre and post check after every guest!

Our Management Agreements set out in detail what services are offered for each level of management.  The Management Agreement also includes a schedule of all other charges around property maintenance.  Unlike other agencies we do not have any annual charges or set up fees for a property.


To engage the Holidays Collection as your holiday rental property management agency, the next key steps are as follows:

  1. If not done already, have one of our staff inspect the property to complete the website description and obtain all attributes and details.
  2. Agree on pricing, bed configuration, décor, linen, pet friendly, etc. for your property.
  3. Enter into a formal (standard form) property management agreement that will be provided to you.  This is the legal basis for our relationship with you.
  4. Take professional house, drone and location photographs and have floor and site plans done. This is done through our preferred photographer at cost.
  5. Confirm a ‘name’ for your home, or ask our team to help you with suggestions.
  6. We send a cleaner to visit your property and give a quote. The same applies to a gardener if required.
  7. Buy the necessary linen for your property and label or ‘tag it’ clearly (you or your cleaner may do this), or discuss with us our linen hire service if available in your area
  8. Provide your banking details and deposit a $500 float into our Trust Account.
  9. Supply 4 key sets to us: guest set, spare guest set, cleaner set, office set.
  10. Have a key lock box installed.
  11. The property goes live in our systems and we start taking bookings!


Please contact us on (02) 4411 7000 and one of our staff will direct you to the best person to talk to, depending on the location of your property. We look forward to the possibility of having you join the Holidays Collection.