In-house Troubleshooting

We hope you will have a very enjoyable holiday. We have created these troubleshooting tips to help you quickly resolve any minor issues that you might encounter during your stay.


  • Check to see if the property has master / wall switch?
  • Check if the clock is set to a time and is not flashing. Many ovens do not work if clock time is not set
  • Make sure that the oven door is closed properly
  • If the above steps do not help, locate the fuse box and ensure oven switch is on. You can also try a reset of the fuse switch for the oven


  • If the property has an electrical hot water system, locate the fuse box and ensure the switch is on. A reset of the fuse switch may also help
  • If the property has a gas hot water system, locate the chest high gas bottles and perform a change over. Mounted on the wall between the two bottles, you will find a directional valve. The arrow direction will indicate the bottle currently in use and possibly empty. Close the empty gas bottle by turning the green valve clockwise. Now turn the directional valve to the other / full bottle. Open the second bottle by turning its green valve anti-clockwise. Please then let our office know that you needed to change over a gas bottle, so that we can order a new one – thanks!


  • Locate fuse box and ensure switches are on.
  • Reset circuit breakers by flicking them off and on again.
  • Ensure the circuit breakers are not being overloaded by running too many appliances at the same time – especially heat generating appliances such as kettles, toasters, oil heaters etc


  • TV reception can be scrambled by weather conditions and should return to normal when the atmospheric conditions change. Jervis Bay and Hyams Beach can be especially vulnerable to this
  • If there is an antenna booster, please make sure it is plugged in
  • Check that TV is on the correct input source.


  • When returning property keys to a key lock box, please ensure that the keys are not obstructing the door or the mechanism
  • When using a key lock box with spinning numbers, ensure they are all lined up in the centre
  • With a key lock box with push in numbers, please note you will have to re enter the code to be able to close the box


  • If you run out of gas for the BBQ, please feel free to contact the after hours number for a replacement bottle
  • Alternatively if you get one on your own via a “swap n go” service, we will reimburse you if you send us a copy of the receipt


  • The Wifi password will be in your pre-arrival email or alternatively on the back of the modem
  • Many internet signal problems can be fixed by resetting the modem. To do this locate modem and turn it off for 10 seconds by either the on or off switch on the modem, the wall socket switch, or by removing the power cable. Switch back on and give modem up to 10 minutes to reboot
  • We cannot and do not guarantee WiFi at any property, nor do we pay any compensation for that