Jervis Bay Coffee Co.

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Jervis Bay, Jervis Bay Coffee Co invites you to experience coffee in its purest form. With air roasting technology onsite, indulge in the art of coffee roasting while treating yourself to an array of delightful treats. Whether you're drawn by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or enticed by our Martini Club's evening extravaganzas, our cafe promises an unforgettable journey through the world of coffee.

About Jervis Bay Coffee Co.

At Jervis Bay Coffee Co, coffee is an experience. With air roasting technology on-site, witness coffee beans roast right before your eyes. But it's not just about the coffee; a range of delectable treats, including bagels, juices, and smoothies, awaits, perfect for satisfying cravings.

Interesting Activities

  • Witness Coffee Roasting: Experience the art of coffee roasting firsthand with on-site air roasting technology.
  • Martini Club Extravaganza: Join at our Martini Club every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for expertly crafted espresso martinis and themed food menus.
  • Private Events: Host next private event or function in charming venue, surrounded by serene beauty of Jervis Bay.
Best Time to Visit

Anytime is good time to visit Jervis Bay Coffee Co! Whether starting day with morning coffee or unwinding with espresso martini in evening, doors are open to welcome all.

Local Insights

  • Keep eye on social channels for updates on Martini Club themes and special events.
  • Don't miss opportunity to chat with friendly staff about all things coffee. Always happy to share knowledge and passion.
Indulge in ultimate coffee experience at Jervis Bay Coffee Co. Whether coffee connoisseur or simply looking for cozy spot to relax, cafe promises delightful escape in heart of paradise.