Nelson Beach

    Discover the serene beauty of Nelson Beach, located in Vincentia, a suburb of Jervis Bay. A peaceful retreat with white sands and gentle waves, this quiet spot is perfect for families and anyone seeking a tranquil beach experience.

    Activities and Attractions at Nelson Beach

    Embrace the Joy of the Sea

    At Nelson Beach, indulge in swimming, paddling, or relaxing by the clear waters. The gentle waves are ideal for families, offering a safe and enjoyable beach experience.

    A Stroll to Remember

    Enjoy a scenic walk along the coastline from Plantation Point Reserve to Blenheim Beach, capturing the natural splendor of Jervis Bay. Plantation Point provides amenities like barbecues, picnic tables, and a playground.

    Best times to visit and Local Insights

    Ideal Seasons for Nelson Beach Visits

    Visit during the warmer months, from December to February, for sunny days perfect for beach activities.

    Local Tips for an Enhanced Experience

    Visit early in the morning or late afternoon for a peaceful experience and beautiful light for photography.

    Note on Safety and Accessibility

    Nelson Beach is safe with gentle waves but unpatrolled. It's easily accessible, with various entry points for visitors.