The Best Time to Visit Gerringong & Gerroa

The Best Time to Visit Gerringong & Gerroa

Gerringong and Gerroa are located along the beautiful Illawarra Coast and are among the most visited towns in the region. Gerringong is approximately 130 kilometres south of Sydney, while Gerroa sits 3 kilometres further south. These two towns offer visitors a slice of the coastal paradise, thanks to their golden beaches, beautiful villages, and sparkling Blue Ocean.

One of the key highlights is Seven Mile Beach, which stretches over 12 kilometres. Before you plan your travel itinerary or holiday to this part of New South Wales, you want to understand the Gerroa and Gerringong weather patterns for an enjoyable travel experience. Keep reading to learn more about the local weather and the best times to visit the Illawarra region.

Weather in Gerringong & Gerroa

As you would expect with most coastal towns, the weather in Gerringong and Gerroa is characterized by a moderate and temperate climate year-round, making them ideal destinations for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts. Here's a quick overview of the weather patterns:


The humidity levels in Gerringong and Gerroa fluctuate throughout the year. February, in particular, tends to be the most humid month, with relative humidity up to 78%. August, on the other hand, sees the lowest humidity levels, averaging around 50%. These moderate humidity levels contribute to the overall comfort of the coastal climate.


The summer months in the Illawarra region stretch from December to February, and the area experiences the warmest temperatures. Average highs during this period range from 23°C to 26°C. During winter, i.e., from June to August, the average temperatures are around 18°C. Spring and fall, however, offer mild temperatures, typically ranging from 18°C to 23°C during the day.


Rainfall in the two coastal towns is distributed relatively evenly throughout the year. The wettest months occur from March to June, with monthly rainfall averaging 90mm to 120mm. The driest months start from July to September, with precipitation levels dropping to around 70mm per month.


While the winds in Gerringong and Gerroa are generally moderate, January often experiences the highest average wind speeds. The area often experiences occasional wind blasts, especially during summer, but this is highly welcomed as it relieves the sun's heat.

The Best Time to Visit Gerringong & Gerroa

Now that you know the weather patterns and what to expect in these coastal towns, choosing the best times to visit Illawarra should be more straightforward. Typically, you want to see the region during the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, i.e., from September to November and March to May. These months often offer optimal weather conditions with lower humidity levels, mild temperatures, and fewer crowds compared to the peak summer months.

In the spring and autumn, the temperatures fall between 18°C and 25°C, making outdoor activities such as hiking, beach combing, and sightseeing highly enjoyable. Additionally, these seasons often experience less rainfall compared to the wetter winter months, which lowers the chance of weather-related disruptions.

If you visit during the holiday seasons when your school-going kids are on break, the beach and other attraction sites may be crowded. This may limit the number of places you will visit. Otherwise, scheduling your visit to the region during the off-peak season means you will enjoy most outdoor activities with fewer crowds and favourable weather conditions.

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Beach Activities in Gerringong

Gerringong, like most coastal towns, offers a wide range of beach activities, with each season presenting a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy the adjacent surroundings. Here are some of the best things to do in Gerringong at various times throughout the year.
  • Summer: Gerringong's beaches are lively and active during the summer months. Popular beach activities you can enjoy include sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. The clear skies and warm temperatures make summer an ideal time to catch some waves or take a refreshing dip in the ocean. Additionally, this is the best time to join friends for beach picnics and BBQs. The only challenge with summer activities is the large crowds, as schools are closed for summer breaks, and most couples are on vacation.
  • Autumn: As the temperatures begin to cool down from March to May, beachgoers can still enjoy sunbathing and swimming, but with slightly fewer crowds. This is also the perfect time for coastal walks and fishing along the shoreline. Such milder weather makes most outdoor activities more comfortable, plus the changing colours of the landscape add to the scenic beauty of the greater outdoors.
  • Winter: During June through August, the temperature gets more relaxed, but Gerringong's beaches remain popular, especially among beachcombing and whale-watching fans. Winter storms often bring large swells, attracting expert surfers looking for challenging waves. The quieter beaches also provide a serene setting for contemplative walks and birdwatching.
  • Spring: In spring, i.e., from September to November, Gerringong's beaches burst with life as flora and fauna awaken from the winter dormancy. Some popular beach activities this season include beach volleyball, paddle boarding, and snorkelling. Spring is also perfect for rock pooling, especially along Werri Beach and Boat Harbour. This allows visitors to explore tidal pools with its marine life.
Regardless of the time you choose to visit Gerringong and Gerroa, you won't miss an opportunity to partake in any of your favourite outdoor activities. Check the weather forecast and prepare beforehand to make the most of your time. Depending on the season you visit the region, always have enough personal items such as sunscreen, clean drinking water, proper clothing, and refreshments.


Where to Stay During Your Visit

A visit to Gerringong and Gerroa is not complete without a mention of the ideal accommodations within the region. With many options, you will always find the perfect home in either of the towns. You can make the selection process easier by heading to our website and using the search filters to find a home that best meets your accommodation needs. Book you Gerringong & Gerroa accommodation direct with us and save up to 20% on fees, which you would typically incur with other third-party booking sites like Stayz, Airbnb, or

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