Jervis Bay is Your Perfect Whale-Watching Spot in NSW!

Jervis Bay is Your Perfect Whale-Watching Spot in NSW!

If you are a nature lover and enjoy watching sea creatures like whales and dolphins, Jervis Bay is one of your must-visit destinations. The Jervis Bay whale-watching season stretches for close to seven months, allowing locals and travellers to plan a convenient trip for as short or long period as they wish. While in the waters, you’ll see the bay come to life with the incredible sight of humpback and southern right whales as they leap out of the water in great splendour. 

But when should you visit Jervis Bay, and which are the best whale-watching spots in the area? We’ve answered these questions and more in the sections below.  

Best Time for Whale Watching in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is located about 2.5 – 3 hours south of Sydney and a similar distance from Canberra. The bay welcomes thousands of visitors yearly for a weekend escape or a day trip in the waters, offering plenty to explore along the way. This village was once a small fishing spot rich in Indigenous and European history. It has, however, transformed into a lively coastal town surrounded by national parks, sandy beaches and wildlife. Gerringong Whale Watching 1

When visiting Jarvis Bay for whale watching, Huskisson serves as the main town and port. From late April to mid-November, the waters at Jervis Bay become a humpback highway. Besides the common humpback whales, there are occasional sightings of False Killer Whales, Southern Right Whales, Minke Whales and Orcas

The best time for whale watching in Jervis Bay is between June and July when the whales journey northward. It’s during this time that the view is very clear. Additionally, you will also spot playful pods of dolphins accompanying the whales. While weather conditions are often consistent during these months, cooler temperatures and calmer seas guarantee the best whale-watching experience. 

Perfect Land-Based Whale Viewing in Jervis Bay 

If you prefer to observe whales from the shore or some vantage points on land, as opposed to viewing them from a vessel at sea, there are a couple of land-based whale viewing spots in Jervis Bay. These include:

Point Perpendicular

Point Perpendicular


Point Perpendicular Lighthouse offers great whale watching from May to November. You can see Humpbacks, Southern Rights, Minkes, and sometimes, Orcas. This historic lighthouse shows old maritime stuff and gives you a good view of the bay. People often see mom whales and baby whales playing in the crystal clear waters.  


The southern end of Beecroft Peninsula, overlooking the white sand beaches of Jervis Bay. 


The lighthouse is open on weekends, but you can call any of these phone numbers to check before visiting: (02) 4448 3248, (02) 4448 3411, or (02) 4448 3839. 

Penguin Head, Culburra Beach

This is a great spot for whale watching. You need to start at Crookhaven Heads and walk down the beach to Penguin Head. You can see a lot of the coast from there. Most accommodation homes in Culburra Beach have great ocean views so that you can see whales from your room. 


Culburra Beach, north of Jervis Bay. 185 Penguins Head Rd, Culburra Beach NSW 2540, Australia. This is an open public facility.

Cape St George Lighthouse 

Cape St George Lighthouse is a cool spot that offers an extensive view of the sea. This is now a ruin, but it’s still a good high point for whale-watching. October is one of the best times to visit because whale moms come back with their new babies. The Cave Beach nearby is also good for camping and whale watching. Cape St George Lighthouse


Village Road, Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay NSW 2540. 


(02) 4443 0977

Warden Head, Ulladulla

Just 5 minutes from Ulladulla is the Warden Head Lighthouse. During migration season, whales can be spotted up close from this vantage point, offering fantastic Instagram moments. Nearby Rennies Beach and Bannisters Head provide additional viewing opportunities, with guests at nearby accommodation homes potentially spotting whales from the pool bar or even from their rooms. Warden Head, Ulladulla

On-Boat Whale Watching in Jervis Bay

On the boat, whale watching is often led by experienced guides, plus they offer up-close views, making them more fascinating. Here’s a quick overview of some popular on-boat whale-watching experiences in Jervis Bay. 

Jervis Bay Wild

Jervis Bay Passage

Jervis Bay Wild offers eco-cruises all year with experienced guides who will help you learn about whale behaviours. During the trip, you might spot dolphins, penguins and seals playing near the boat.

Location and Contact:

15 Field Street Huskisson NSW 2540

Phone: (02) 4441 7002


Booking Office: 58 Owen Street Huskisson

Dolphin Watch Jervis Bay

Dolphin Watch Jervis Bay offers tours to see both whales and dolphins. You can join whale-specific tours or choose the Best of Jervis Bay Eco Cruises to watch both dolphins and whales. Their boat, the Spirit of Jervis Bay, has five viewing areas, giving you more opportunities for up-close footage. You can also book a private yacht with Jervis Bay Sailing Charters for a fancy trip.

Location and Contact:

15 Field Street Huskisson NSW 2540.

Phone: (02) 4441 6311

Ulladulla Fishing Charters

Ulladulla Fishing Charters offers tours around Mollymook, Ulladulla and Narrawallee. During the whale watching and sightseeing charters, you will enjoy views of the Pigeon House Mountain and the Warden Head Lighthouse. Humpback whales are a common sighting during this tour.   

Location and Contact:

Ulladulla Harbour, Wason St, Ulladulla NSW 2539.

Phone: 04 2724 2405


Accommodation in Jervis Bay 

If you are travelling from outside Jervis Bay or Huskisson and planning to stay in the area for a day or longer, there are several accommodation in Jervis Bay options for you. Whether you prefer a simple bed and breakfast or a luxurious beachside resort, The Holiday Collection has several choices to suit every taste and budget. Book directly today and save up to 20% with us! For camping enthusiasts, there are a couple of well-equipped campgrounds strategically located within the region. Regardless of your needs, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll find the perfect place to unwind and relax after a day of sightseeing and whale watching in Jervis Bay.

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