25+ best things to do in Jervis Bay, NSW

25+ best things to do in Jervis Bay, NSW

Known for its clear waters, white sandy beaches, and lots of wildlife and national parks,

Jervis Bay is one of Australia's top tourist destinations. Whether you are planning a day trip, a weekend out, or looking to spend the entire holiday on the South Coast of NSW, you'll surely love it here. 

Jervis Bay's Attractions & Sightseeing

As far as the best things to do in Jervis Bay are concerned, the list is endless. We have rounded up 25+ things to do in the more than 15 unique locations within the area. Most of the activities listed below are family-friendly so that no one will be left out.

Visit the Best Jervis Bay Beaches

jervis bay beach

Whether solo or with friends and family, you can take a walk along the coast as you enjoy views of the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Among the best beaches in the Jervis Bay area include Chinamans Beach, Greenfield Beach, Caves Beach, Honeymoon Bay Beach, and Murrays Beach. There's also Hyams Beach, which is the world's whitest sandy beach, ideal for swimming, relaxing, and taking photos. 

Booderee National Park

Booderee national park

If you love interacting with nature and animals, a visit to the Booderee National Park would be an ideal use of your time. You can choose to hike the forest, marvel at the natural rock formations, spend some time on the sandy beaches or take pictures of the local kangaroos. Every vehicle is charged $13 for up to 48 hours spent in the park, which is reasonably affordable, especially if travelling with family.

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

History enthusiasts will love this spot, thanks to the collection of the world's renowned maritime artifacts as well as surveying and navigational instruments. The Jervis Bay Maritime Museum museum is located in Huskisson and features lots of photographs and exhibitions showcasing how the maritime industry has evolved over the years. There's also a boardwalk, a pond, and a gift shop within this museum.

Cape St George Lighthouse

Cape St George Lighthouse

Built in the 1860s, Cape St. George Lighthouse stands near the Booderee National Park. It was once a lighthouse that stood 61 feet tall with eight rooms at the ground level. This lighthouse has an interesting history, which saw it destroyed between 1917 and 1922. Today, the ruins remain and are a great spot for whale-watching

Visit the Lighthouse

Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

Before the Cape St. George Lighthouse was destroyed, the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse was built and became functional in 1899. It is located in the Beecroft Peninsula, and to access it, you'll need to drive along Currarong Road before turning right onto the Lighthouse Road. Once you are at the lighthouse, you'll enjoy views of the coastline and surrounding ocean.

White Sands Park 

Also known as the Caravan Park on the Point, White Sands Park features premium camping sites with great views of surrounding beaches and nature. Besides the fully furnished cabins, the park offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit caravans, campers, and RVs. The park also has direct access to Huskisson Beach, and you can stroll to nearby whale-watching cruises, cafes, shops, and restaurants. 

Best things to do in Jervis Bay

Now that you know some of the places to visit in Jervis Bay, it's time to explore some of the popular Jervis Bay attractions. The best things to do in Jervis Bay include but are not limited to:

Dolphin & Whale Cruise in Jervis Bay

dolphin catching 1

One of the fun activities in Jervis Bay that you'll enjoy with your family is going on dolphin and whale cruises. More than 50 bottle-nose dolphins live in the Jervis Bay waters, and all you need is a 1.5-hour cruise to get up close with these mammals as they swim and jump out of the water. You can also book a whale-watching cruise with a local Jervis Bay tourism company for a chance to spot migrating whales, often between May and November.

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Kayaking, Paddling & Snorkeling in Jervis Bay

Currambene Creek Kayaking

If you love outdoor sporting activities, Jervis Bay gives you the chance to kayak, paddle, or snorkel in the clear waters. One of the best spots to kayak is Currambene Creek. You can hire a kayak from the nearby kayak rental company along Hawke Street for a safe and fun time in the waters. The calm waters at Jervis Bay also allow for paddling. If you are new to paddling, make sure to go out with a guide who will offer lessons and guarantee your safety. As far as snorkeling is concerned, the Booderee National Park and the Jervis Bay Marine Park are among the best snorkeling spots. 

Jervis Bay Passage

Jervis Bay Passage

The Bay Passage is one of the best places to visit in Jervis Bay for those who want to experience the best of the waters through the cliffs, blow holes, and caves. If you are looking to discover the natural beauty of the area with a key highlight of the Passage and all it has to offer, you'll need to book a Jervis Bay Passage Cruise. This is often a 2-hour cruise where you get to experience Jervis Bay Marine Park and unravel its secrets. These are only accessible by water.  

Swim with Whales and Seals

For the daring souls who have mastered the swimming techniques, this is an opportunity to dive with whales and seals in the open waters. There's a local diving company that offers lessons and guidance on how to swim with wildlife, particularly seals and whales. The company also offers scuba diving courses, and you can choose to join the other students or expert divers. 

Watch Bioluminescent Plankton

Bioluminescent Plankton

Jervis Bay is one of the best places to visit in New South Wales if you want to spot the rare yet scenic bioluminescent plankton. This often occurs as a result of microscopic bioluminescent algae that undergo a chemical reaction to create a soft pink haze during the day and fascinating "sea sparkles" at night. This bioluminescent plankton can occur at any time of the year, but it is best observed in total darkness.

Jervis Bay Summer Boom Netting

This is a unique and fun way to get up close with dolphins while enjoying a Jacuzzi-style experience. As you move swiftly through the waters while clinging to the sturdy net, you'll enjoy the thrill of waves with the possibility of being joined by the resident dolphins.

Jervis Bay Brewing Co.

After a long day exploring Jervis Bay, you can head down to the Jervis Bay Brewing Co. to get some of the region's delicious foods and great drinks. The joint is one of the Jervis Bay hidden gems run by some passionate locals who have a taste for the finest beers and locally-produced foods. Jervis Bay Brewing Co. is located along 3 Duranbah Drive in Huskisson.  

Stroll Along the Mangrove Boardwalk

mangrove boardwalk jervis bay

This is one of the Jervis Bay tourist attraction sites, popular among bird watchers and those who admire the local bio-diversity. The boardwalk stretches for more than a kilometre along the renowned Currambene Creek and is home to crabs, fish, mangroves, and different species of flora and fauna. 

Watch the Sunset and Sunrise in Jervis Bay

sunrise jervis bay

If watching the Sunset on the beach is on your bucket list, Jervis Bay has you covered. Hyams Beach, in particular, is one of the best sunset-viewing spots in Jervis Bay, but you can also enjoy the view at the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse. To catch the sunrise, you need to locate a relatively higher point, especially in nature, and you'll love the bright morning rays hitting your eyes and glowing up your skin.

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Find your Best Accommodation in Jervis Bay

TWELVE ON MOONAH, HYAMS BEACH Twelve on Moonah, Hyams Beach Accommodation

Having learned about the various Jervis Bay tourist attractions and the things and places to see in here, you would also want to know about the available accommodations in Jervis Bay. Whether you are visiting solo or with family and friends, there are several properties to suit your accommodation needs. 

jervis bay accommodation Boathouse 2, Hyams Beach Accommodation

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