Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve

    Step into the serene beauty of Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve, nestled in the heart of the Southern Highlands area of New South Wales, Australia. Named in honor of Sir Cecil Hoskins, a local resident renowned for his passion for parks and gardens, this protected reserve offers a peaceful escape into nature.

    Nature's Delight

    Whether you're a nature enthusiast, birdwatcher, or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve has something for everyone. Take leisurely walks through the wetland area, indulge in a picturesque picnic, or immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of native birdlife.

    Opening Hours

    Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve welcomes visitors throughout the year. However, please note that it may temporarily close during inclement weather or fire danger periods to ensure visitor safety.

    Best Time to Visit

    Each season brings its own unique charm to the reserve. In autumn, enjoy mild weather and scenic hikes to Bong Bong. Spring beckons birdwatchers with the arrival of migratory species, while summer evenings are perfect for picnics accompanied by the symphony of birdcalls and frog choruses.

    Embrace the tranquility of Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve and discover the beauty of the Southern Highlands in its purest form. Plan your visit today and reconnect with nature's wonders amidst this hidden gem of wilderness.