Corbett Gardens

Welcome to Corbett Gardens, a botanical oasis nestled in the heart of Bowral, New South Wales. Bursting with vibrant colors and fragrant blooms, this picturesque garden offers a serene retreat for nature lovers and avid photographers alike.

Floral Displays

Marvel at the breathtaking display of flowers that adorn Corbett Gardens throughout the year. From delicate tulips and daffodils to lush roses and vibrant azaleas, the garden showcases a stunning array of floral beauty in every season.

Tulip Time Festival

Plan your visit during September to experience the annual Tulip Time Festival, a celebration of spring's arrival in all its splendor. Be captivated by the sight of thousands of tulips in full bloom, painting the garden with a kaleidoscope of hues. Don't miss the opportunity to capture stunning photos amidst this floral extravaganza.

Relaxation and Recreation

Stroll along the meandering pathways, bask in the sunshine on the well-manicured lawns, or find a quiet bench to sit and soak in the tranquil atmosphere. Corbett Gardens offers the perfect setting for a leisurely picnic, a peaceful afternoon of reading, or simply unwinding amidst nature's beauty.

Events and Activities

Throughout the year, Corbett Gardens hosts a variety of events and activities for visitors of all ages. From garden tours and horticultural workshops to live music performances and art exhibitions, there's always something exciting happening amidst the blooms.

Local Insights

Before you leave, be sure to explore the charming town of Bowral, known for its quaint shops, cafes, and historic attractions. Take a stroll down the bustling main street, sample gourmet delights at local eateries, and discover the rich heritage of this picturesque Southern Highlands town.

Whether you're a botany enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply seeking a peaceful escape into nature, Corbett Gardens invites you to immerse yourself in its enchanting beauty. Plan your visit today and discover why this floral paradise is a beloved gem in Bowral's crown.