Werri Lagoon

    Werri Lagoon is a beautiful spot located at the northern end of Werri Beach in Gerringong, New South Wales, Australia. It's a popular destination for both locals and tourists, offering a variety of activities and stunning scenery.

    Here's what you can expect to find at Werri Lagoon:

    • Calm waters: The lagoon is protected from the ocean by sand dunes, making it a perfect spot for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddle boarding.
    • Fishing: The lagoon is home to a variety of fish species, making it a popular spot for fishing. You can cast a line from the shore or hire a boat to explore the lagoon further.
    • Birdwatching: The lagoon is a haven for birdlife, with over 100 species recorded in the area. Some of the birds you might see include pelicans, swans, ducks, and kookaburras.
    • Walking: The Kiama Coast Walk passes along the edge of the lagoon, offering stunning views of the water and the surrounding coastline.
    Werri Lagoon is a great place to spend a day or afternoon. It's a beautiful spot with plenty to offer visitors of all ages and interests.

    Here are some additional things to keep in mind when visiting Werri Lagoon:

    • The lagoon is tidal, so the water level can vary depending on the time of day.
    • There are no lifeguards on duty at the lagoon, so please swim at your own risk.
    • It is important to be aware of the potential for hazards such as sunburn, dehydration, and jellyfish stings.