Gerringong Rotary Market

Nestled on the stunning South Coast of New South Wales, Gerringong offers more than just breathtaking coastal views and a friendly community vibe. At the heart of this charm lies the Gerringong Rotary Markets, a melting pot of local culture, art, and culinary delights. A visit here is not just a day out; it's an immersion into the lifeblood of Gerringong, where the community spirit and the beauty of handcrafted goods come alive.

What to Expect at Gerringong Rotary Markets

Variety of Stalls

Prepare to be enchanted by the array of stalls as you step into the Gerringong Rotary Markets. From the famous Gerringong Pious Pies to an assortment of local produce that showcases the region's fertility, the market is a treasure trove for the senses. Artisans from around the area bring their crafts, offering everything from unique handmade jewelry to bespoke artworks, reflecting the creativity and culture of Gerringong.

Entertainment and Atmosphere

The vibrant atmosphere of the Gerringong Rotary Markets is palpable, with live music setting the backdrop for a delightful shopping experience. A dedicated playground area ensures that the market is a family-friendly event, where children can play while adults explore the stalls. The market is a reflection of Gerringong's community spirit, providing a welcoming space for locals and visitors alike to gather and enjoy.

Culinary Delights

A visit to the Gerringong Rotary Markets is a journey through the culinary landscape of the region. Start your day with a classic egg and bacon sandwich. Alternatively, you can explore a variety of upscale food stands. These stands offer options such as homemade pastries and locally sourced treats. The markets also provide a great opportunity to sample coffee from Gerringong's finest roasters, perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking for their next favorite brew.

Exploring Beyond the Markets

Nearby Attractions

The Gerringong Rotary Markets are just the beginning of what the area has to offer. Werri Beach, known for its pristine sands and inviting ocean pools, is a short distance away, offering a perfect spot for relaxation after a day at the markets. Wine enthusiasts can explore Crooked River Winery, enjoying tastings and stunning views. For those seeking adventure, the Kiama Coastal Walk and Saddleback Mountain Lookout offer breathtaking vistas and a chance to connect with nature.

Outdoor Activities

Gerringong's natural beauty provides a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The area has many hiking trails with beautiful views of the coast. Werri Beach has surf schools for all levels of surfers. People who love wildlife can go whale watching in Gerringong, a great place for nature lovers and adventure seekers.


The Gerringong Rotary Markets offer a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this coastal community. A day spent exploring the variety of stalls, indulging in local cuisine, and enjoying the lively atmosphere is a day spent connecting with the essence of Gerringong. Beyond the markets, the region's natural beauty and array of activities ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy, making Gerringong a must-visit destination on New South Wales' South Coast.